Sunday, October 7, 2007

Healthy Food – Soy Bien?

One of the central things to maintaining my personal sustainability is eating healthy foods. This can be difficult, especially during busy or stressful times, or while traveling. So it is particularly frustrating when I think I am eating something healthy, and then a whole bunch of articles come out warning of its dangers.... Obviously these kinds of articles usually have to be treated with some amount of skepticism, since studies are often funded by food product companies with an interest in their food being touted as an essential part of a healthy diet...

So, when I was recently unable to avoid articles about the dangers of one 'health' food I definitely have eaten a lot of – and enjoyed - soy (just google 'soy dangers' and you'll get more info than you want), I decided to be a bit cautious and minimize soy products. Until I read more, I want to avoid potentially harmful hormonal and chemical effects - and I also want to avoid genetically modified soy.

I want to learn more about how soy has been used traditionally to get a perspective on a reasonable approach to soy's place in a healthy diet. I haven't had much time to research this yet, but here's one article where a physician suggests using soy similarly to the way it was eaten in the Japan in the late '50s. The main thing I would add to his suggestions is to use organic or at least non-genetically modified soy products:

There is one soy product that I have not given up, and am still enjoying very much - organic tempeh. Tempeh, being fermented, is not supposed to have the potentially harmful qualities attributed to soy in these articles. The other day I caught myself saying to someone “They can't take my organic tempeh away!!!”, so I guess this whole evils-of-soy thing has been a bit traumatic for me... Sigh...

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