Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The China Study

I am reading a book I would highly recommend to others. It is called The China Study, and it is reminding me of all the reasons to eat plenty of organic veggies, fruits, and grains (some reasons I already knew about, plus a lot of new reasons!).

Although I have been vegetarian or vegan for almost all of my adult life, when I get in busy/stressed mode, I sometimes need reminders that things like humus on toast, although quick to prepare, and not too unhealthy, do not fulfill all the requirements of a healthy diet...

I first came across the book on a the blog (that I would recommend also) of a musician named Christine Kane:

I also recommend Steve Pavlina's site which has an interesting article relating to this book:

Here's a couple links for the book:
The China Study (Has an excerpt you can download)

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