Thursday, October 11, 2007

Baby Elephants...

This is a small entry about a category of topics that are overwhelming for me - biodiversity/endangered species/the 6th extinction.... Making a difference in the preservation of the amazing diversity of life on this planet can seem so overwhelming...

So here's one thing. The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is an amazing organization that works to help preserve African wildlife including orphaned baby elephants (and rhinos). Supporting their work by fostering an orphan (or supporting their desnaring project or other work) is one way to make a small difference! And you can give fostering as a gift to an animal lover in your life!

Here is a link to the Orphan's Project part of their website:

Here's a link about a feature on them that was on 60 Minutes.

The story of this project is truly remarkable to read about, including the first agonizing years when Daphne Sheldrick was trying to develop a formula that would allow the orphaned babies to survive, and the dedication and devotion that these babies need - the keepers are with them round the clock.

If nothing else, just looking at the pictures of these playful and mischievous baby elephants will be sure to make you smile!

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