Monday, February 22, 2010

Chapter 9 of Ariel's Book - and Download our new EP "Heart In Outer Space"!

Chapter 9 of Ariel's book addresses traditional PR. This includes things like how to write a press release, what to put in a press kit, and what to have online for press to find - such as a hi-res photo of the band. She also stresses several times to make sure to follow up on materials you have sent out.

Her advice is good - and I can say this from experience, because when we released our last CD "Green", we followed many of the same steps - we created a well put together press kit, had hi-res photos easy to find online, and followed up on all the materials we sent out. Because of this, we received a nice two-page article about us in our local newspaper, the Eugene Register-Guard, that included us being contacted by the journalist and interviewed in person. She told us that she contacted us because she was impressed by our well-put-together materials - and even said that she used our press kit as an example of what one should look like!

In addition, we had a write-up in the local Eugene Weekly (search for 'Demimonde' on the page to find it), one in the local community college (Lane Community College) publication, The Torch (to read that review, click here to go to our SonicBids page, then click on 'Press' - it is the last review listed), as well as several appearances and interviews on local radio stations and podcasts.

We also sent our CD to a couple of blogs to be reviewed, and received a nice review on the Collected Sounds blog. We also got another nice review on a blog called MusicDyke - one that we hadn't sent our CD to, but because our info and art was well organized online, the reviewer was easily able to find what they needed for their write-up.

We look forward to applying what we already know - and all the additional tips from Ariel - in the upcoming weeks as Demimonde Slumber Party gears up for the release of our new EP, "Heart in Outer Space".

Some of you may know that last weekend we released the digital tracks of the EP online (click below to hear and download!):

<a href="">Jolene by Demimonde Slumber Party</a>

If you'd like a to know a little more about the songs on the EP before you listen to them, here's a description:

DSP's new EP "Heart In Outer Space" is an adventurous romp that includes a B-movie broken-heart voyage into outer space, a chocoholic's semi-delusional plan to save the world, and an ode to a girl that really gets your energy up - or is she just an espresso-fueled hallucination? DSP's new EP is full of quirky fun that will bring a smile to your lips and a shake to your hips!

Hope you enjoy the songs!

- Melissa

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Our New EP is here! Download "Heart In Outer Space" for Valentine's!:

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Creating a 'Funnel' & Online CD Pre-Release is Just Days Away!!!

Chapter 8 of Ariel's book encourages artists to think creatively about what they can offer fans beyond the obvious CDs, merch and gigs. One example - a special subscription fan club with exclusive songs only fan club members would receive. The ideas in the chapter are based on a marketing 'funnel', with less expensive items on one end of the funnel, and more expensive items on the other end.

I'm reminded of a creative and humorous example of this from about a year ago, where Josh Freese, former Nine Inch Nails drummer, had a range of packages you could buy with his new solo album. This ranged from a $7 digital download all the way up to a $75,000 package which included such items as:

- If you don’t live in Southern California (but are a U.S. resident) he’ll come to you and be your personal assistant/cabana boy for 2 weeks

- Take a flying trapeze lesson with Josh and Robin from NIN, go back to Robin's place afterwards and his wife will make you raw lasagna

Check out this link for all the examples...

I also found an interesting follow-up story on this from last April about one fan who bought a $20,000 package - as well as Josh's success with $250 - $5000 packages.

Another example, on a smaller scale, is of a great band we know in San Francisco, True Margrit. If you order their new CD from their website, they have various packages available, some of which include art created by Margrit along with a personal phone call from her.

I'm inspired by examples like those above - I look forward to using humor, thinking outside the box and applying some of these ideas to my band, Demimonde Slumber Party. First, however, we have a couple to-do items to complete in the "basics" category - we're on the verge of having our new CD (and related merch) available, and soon we'll again have local bass players so we're much more available to perform.

But even before that! We're only days away from the online pre-release of our new EP "Heart In Outer Space"! Sign up for our email list here at our webpage to make sure you're in the know!

See you soon!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Networking and A Cold - Or "Hot August Phranc" and Why I Decided Maybe I Could be Good at Networking After All

Well, last week was a bit hectic - I had a cold that came complete with brain-fog which kept me from doing anything productive for a couple of days..... But I am finally back with a post on the next chapter of Ariel's book....

Chapter 7 in Ariel's book is all about networking, live in-person networking, as opposed to online/email activities. As I started reading it, I had a sense of stress and dread, because I see myself as someone uncomfortable with self-promotion. I am much more comfortable encouraging others to follow their dreams than vice versa. In fact I've recently said to a few people things like "I am really too much of an introvert, not the right kind of personality to be a musician." But I wasn't really thinking "to be a musician", I was more imagining the self-promotion part of music that I think I'm supposed to be a lot better at. But when I really think about it, I realize I'm imagining the ideal is supposed to be some kind cross between a stereotypical used-car salesman and some big-haired spandex-wearing 80's musician guy that you might find playing electric guitar way too loud at a Guitar Center.

So after reading the chapter, and realizing the attitude I was subconsciously carrying around, I started to feel much differently about this whole topic. For one, the chapter is about networking, not self-promotion. And remembering how she's approached the whole topic of growing a band email list in previous chapters, I realize her suggestions are based on building relationships with people individually, something I do feel comfortable with. She talks about how good networking involves finding out more about the other people you're interacting with, which goes right along with my natural tendency to start interviewing people in social situations. I am starting to feel like I can actually do this - and that the necessary skills are things that really do come naturally to me.

As for the used-car salesman/spandex-wearing 80's musician dude - I am reminded of Seth Godin's writings, where he talks about how people want something authentic, and I know I do - and that imaginary pompous character is the opposite of that. I'm glad I can tell my subconscious I don't need to be more like someone I would find obnoxious in order to get more people on a band email list. Logically, I know no one would like me better if I was like that! Ok, maybe some of you would (now I am getting images of Phranc doing Neil Diamond :-) )

Update on my last post about Ariel's book - I ended by saying I was going to invite our MySpace friends to our email list. I did start on that - it will take me awhile to get through them all, but it feels great to begin! And since the last post, we sent out our short-but-sweet January Newsletter (let me know if you'd like to get a copy!). In doing that, I realized we have some outdated email addresses on our list.

I also have a lot of people I didn't invite to our email list before because they lived outside the areas we were gigging. But now that we are doing so much more online, it doesn't matter where people live, so it's perfect timing to start inviting them!

So in addition to embarking on being a better networker, I am very glad to be working on updating and expanding our email list from the contacts we already have. I can't do it all at once, so I will set aside time regularly every week.

Thanks Ariel for all your helpful ideas!
Until next time,

p.s. - Don't forget that if you buy our CD "Green" before February 7th from CD Baby, $1 per CD will go to Haiti relief efforts: