Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wrap-up on Ariel's 'Music Success in Nine Weeks' Book

Well I've come to the end of Ariel's book. Although I wrote a post on the final chapter, here's a short summary of my overall experiences with the book.

I found the book very helpful, and I'd definitely recommend it to others. And though at times I felt burnt out from some of the more time-consuming ideas, everything she suggests is worth working on.

This book helps lay a foundation, helps create a jumping-off point for the ongoing process of being one's own 'PR' specialist. Working through each of the chapters has given me more practice wearing the 'hat' of doing consistent marketing/business for the band. Although - as I've said before - this doesn't come naturally to me, I have gotten better at it and more comfortable with it.

Thanks Ariel, and I will continue to use your ideas as inspiration in the days ahead!

- Melissa

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