Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Creating a 'Funnel' & Online CD Pre-Release is Just Days Away!!!

Chapter 8 of Ariel's book encourages artists to think creatively about what they can offer fans beyond the obvious CDs, merch and gigs. One example - a special subscription fan club with exclusive songs only fan club members would receive. The ideas in the chapter are based on a marketing 'funnel', with less expensive items on one end of the funnel, and more expensive items on the other end.

I'm reminded of a creative and humorous example of this from about a year ago, where Josh Freese, former Nine Inch Nails drummer, had a range of packages you could buy with his new solo album. This ranged from a $7 digital download all the way up to a $75,000 package which included such items as:

- If you don’t live in Southern California (but are a U.S. resident) he’ll come to you and be your personal assistant/cabana boy for 2 weeks

- Take a flying trapeze lesson with Josh and Robin from NIN, go back to Robin's place afterwards and his wife will make you raw lasagna

Check out this link for all the examples...

I also found an interesting follow-up story on this from last April about one fan who bought a $20,000 package - as well as Josh's success with $250 - $5000 packages.

Another example, on a smaller scale, is of a great band we know in San Francisco, True Margrit. If you order their new CD from their website, they have various packages available, some of which include art created by Margrit along with a personal phone call from her.

I'm inspired by examples like those above - I look forward to using humor, thinking outside the box and applying some of these ideas to my band, Demimonde Slumber Party. First, however, we have a couple to-do items to complete in the "basics" category - we're on the verge of having our new CD (and related merch) available, and soon we'll again have local bass players so we're much more available to perform.

But even before that! We're only days away from the online pre-release of our new EP "Heart In Outer Space"! Sign up for our email list here at our webpage to make sure you're in the know!

See you soon!

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